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How to Make "Submit" Button Work


Just follow the "simple" steps below to assure that the PDF Fill-in Forms open with Adobe Reader to enbable the "Submit" button. Would you like a little  help?   We strongly encourage that you ask our webmaster who will be happy to walk you through this process on the phone.  Just drop him a note and  suggest two or three times when he can call you to walk you through this onetime process.


If you thank that you are up to trying to performing your own magic on your browser, then follow the steps below.


Internet Explorer


  • Open Internet Explorer

  • Choose Tools > Manage Add-ons

  • Under Add-on Types, select Toolbars and Extensions

  • In the Show dropdown menu in the left margin, select All Add-ons

  • In the list of add-ons, select Adobe PDF Reader

  • Click Enable




  • Open Chrome

  • In address bar at the top of the browser enter "chrome"//plugins and hit enter

  • Locate the PDF plug-in and click Enable




  • When Acrobat Reader is installed on a Safari Computer, Safari defaults to opening PDF files with Adobe Reader. Safari users should not have to make any changes.




  • If you are using Mozilla/Firefox, please drop the webmaster a note suggesting two or three times when he can call you to walk you through the changes necessary to cause PDF forms to be opened with Adobe Reader. If you are a junior techie, you can undertake this change on your own, although it requires a bit of programming.

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