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For all of you sponsors who visit Ixtapa, here is a list of Zihuatanejo restaurants assembled from the recommendations of several sponsors who have been making annual trips to Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa for several years.



Zijuatanejo Restaurants



        - La Casa que Canta-fabulous small resort hotel, unique facility and atmosphere. Too pricey?  Have a                              Drink  $$$$


        - La Casa Vieja- great Mexican dining  $$-$$$ 


        - La Gula- cute, quaint, interesting food well presented  $$-$$$


        - La Perla-beach restaurant on La Ropa Beach-good Snapper in a bag  $$


        - Il Mare-overlooks the bay, good Italian food and fish  $$-$$$


        - El Mediterraneo on, cinco de mayo.  Excellent food, well prepared.  $$-$$$


        - Mariscos Leo-  on the road to Porto Mio, real funky, great fresh sea food.  Lunch only $


        - La Sirena Gorda- on the marina in Zihua-good seafood tacos  $$


       - Tamale Any's- great local food  $


       - Casa Bahia - operating by La Gula folks. Outdoor dining above the water on the west side of Zihuatanejo 

         Bay with great nighttime view of Zihuatanejo $$-$$$


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