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Sponsor-taught English Language Classes


Friends of Niños Adelante has a long history of dedicated sponsors who have organized and taught English classes to our becados during January and February.  They have worked with José Bustos to identify and recruit students for the program and have dedicated their time to teach basic conversational English skills to 20- 30 becados.    Classes are held several times a week for as many as four weeks each year.


Beginning with Ty Bujold, Shelagh and Ross Yarnell, Leif and Lois Lindblom a cadre of teachers has included,  Anlee Schaye, Elsa Nelson, Len and Beth Draving and Tim Ellis along with others who have contributed their time and effort. Some have retired while others have taken up the cause. Recently, board member, Margaret Diglio has stepped forward to lead this effort and  organize the English classes.


We anticipate that this proven program will continue into the future as as a blended effort with the formal English classes held weekly by teacher Stella.                                                   




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