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Welcome to the sponsors page where you can do just about anything with respect to Friends of Niños Adelante except catch a magic carpet ride to Zihuatanejo.  We hope that you find this page useful and that you will let us know how it can be improved.  Simply send an e-mail to the                       .  We promise to get back to you, although if we are traveling, it might be a couple of weeks or so.  




Beca donation notices are sent out in May each year. Receiving your donation by July 1 is a big help to us in organizing the student assignments for the new school year.  If you have questions,  just send us an e-mail by clicking          .


For your convenience and easier record keeping for your volunteers who keep the records, effective with the 2014-15 beca donations, you are now able to make your beca donation via PayPal. 

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The recommended donation for this year's Benefit Dinner is $100 per ticket.



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This website function is really a work in progress.  Your using it now will be very helpful to us as we tune it.  We expect to provide posting guidelines in the near future.  We want to make as easy and useful as possible.  Please let us know how this works for you.


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While we hope that you will experiment with our new                              . We want to hear from you.  How can we make our website friendlier and more useful for you?  We welcome your suggestions.  The website exists for your benefit and convenience, so give us a hand in molding it to your needs.  One way to help us make the website effective and relevant is to take a minute and drop our                      a note with your feedback.

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Here are some ways that you can help enhance the website and your fellow sponsors' experience.


  • Complete a                                               to help us improve the site and better meet your needs.

  • Send us a photo or two with titles and a little bacground for the photos.  E-mail your photos to the                     .

  • If your student or your family has a particularly interesting or challenging story, send the                       two or three paragraphs describing what you know.  We will try post your item on the web site and include it in the next newsletter.

  • Do you speak a little Spanish, spent at least two weeks each winter in Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa and perhaps have some teaching in your backgground?  Then, you might enjoy teaching English to some of our students.  See

                              for additional information.