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How We Spend Your Donations


Our Pledge to Sponsors and Donors

100% of your beca donations and supplemental becado donations are donated to Fundación Niños Adelante for scholarships (becas) and needs-based gifts for the students.


In addition we are very proud that Friends of Niños Adelante's operating expenses are minimal.  Over the two years ended June 30, 2018, 98.5% of our total disbursements were donated to our Mexican non-profit partner,                                                      


Friends of Niños Adelante conducts several events anually to raise funds for our above mentioned operating expenses and to provide Fundación Niños Adelante the funds necessary to maintain a shared office used for beca payouts and computer terminals for the students and their modest administrative and accounting expenses. Annual contributions in addition to beca contributions to Fundación Niños Adelante has averaged just under 12% of our total for the last two years. 



The following chart shows the Friends of Niños Adelante operating expenses as a percent of total dispursements to Fundación Niños Adelante for the two years ending June 30, 2018

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