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Updated: 7/30/2014

First Time Visitor Notes


Roads are Open Throughout the Site

Drive Carefully, You Never Know What Will Appear in Your Headlights


Thank you for visiting this page before you begin your journey on our new website.  Issues still on our workbench include , unavailability of PayPal function for non-US Payors and some viewers inability to open embedded maps.  We are also evaluating the Sponsor Forum concept and considering alternative forum formats.  We hope to have these issues resolved within the next few weeks.





Online Functons


All website online functions link to PDF Fill-in Forms which are intended to be completed and submitted via the "Submit" button in the upper right corner of each form. On some computers there is a condition that will prevent the "Submit" function from working.  To assure that your forms are actually being submitted, you need to perform a simple test on one form (any form will do).


Open the                                      , complete the name and e-mail address lines on the form, then put your cursor over the "Submit" button. If you see the message "Submit to Adobe FormsCentral",  left click on the "Submit" button.  You now know that the "Submit" function is working on all forms.  If no message appears when the cursor is over the "Submit" button, you will need to perform a little magic on your browser.  Here are your browser magic instructions.


At this time our non-US donors are unable to use the PayPal function.  PayPal has assured us that they are working on a solution, but they do not have an estimated completion date.  We are also evaluating other ways for our non-US sponsors to pay electronically.


We will keep testing and cleaning up the site, but your observations, comments and suggestions continue to be important to us.  After you have completed your first visit, please open and complete  the                                            and hit the "Submit" button.




Site testing has disclosed that some Windows/Internet Explorer users are unable to open the embedded Google maps of schools and restaurants.  If you get either a blank screen or a message, "Page cannot be displayed", follow the instructions on the                                                 .



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