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Formal English Language Classes

Regularly scheduled English language instruction is certainly not a new subject to Friends of Niños.  Over the years several attempts, including recommending private school instructions, arranging  organized classes with professional instructors and setting up private, one on one instruction, have been pursued.  Private schools and one on one instruction proved effective, but very expensive.  Initially we had poor luck with the organized classes. For the last four years, beginning with teacher Sharon Gusby and now Stella Martinez,  we have experienced good results, teaching about 40 kids on a year round basis.


These cost effective 2-hour classes are held three times each week are scheduled to accommodate the kid’s school schedule.  Classes are divided into two skill levels.  Candidates are recommended by individual sponsors or by the Sponsor-taught English class teachers, and are admitted to a class based on their skills.


This is primarily a sponsor funded effort.  When a student has been identified as high potential and signs up we notify their respective sponsor with a request to help defray  the approximately $200 US per year cost for their student through a donation. Friends of Niños Adelante has also set aside funds to help pay for these classes.


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